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Affectionately dubbed as, "Patch," this multimedia artist is inspired by nature.  

Her Blackfoot and Thai heritage shines through her work with breathtaking images of mountain, desert, ocean, and river scenes.  Her works are inspired by nature and other artists who relate to divine connection and spiritual well being.   Artistic mediums include but not limited to watercolor, hand sculpting beeswax rose candles and handcrafted willow dreamcatchers.

Her photographic talent spans from travel photography to wildlife and even macro imagery.  

She has worked with food, fashion, beauty, editorial, and the commercial stock industry.  She has worked not just in Colorado, but Miami, Hawaii, New York City, Puerto Rico, London, and Germany. Her images can be found in many luxury magazines in advertisements and in editorial layouts, as well as cataloged online at Getty Images, Thinkstock, and iStock Photography.

Patch is also a professional commercial musician, and a Two-Time Platinum Auddy Trade Mark Award winner. Her songs feature live recordings from the tropical forest of Puerto Rico to the Guajataca Tunnel. Primitive chants, haunting cello, brawny metal guitars, and Native American style flutes transport her audience with fusion style, that is sometimes softly sentimental and often invokes high-energy momentum.  

Patch's songs can be found on Getty Images' Royalty-Free Music Library, as well as iTunes.

Beyond her professional creative enterprises, Patch can only be described as a modern woman. She is a mother of four, who has worked for over 20 years in professional herbal and nutritional counseling, holding national accreditation in professional and sports nutrition, as well as medical exercise.